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Neoen starts work on South Australia’s largest renewable energy project

Neoen has started to develop 1.2GW of wind, 600 MW of solar and 900 MW of battery storage capacity. Upon completion, the installation will likely be Australia’s largest wind, solar and battery storage project.


Major advances for US, Australian solar window specialists

Australian solar window supplier ClearVue says its products can reduce carbon emissions in buildings by as much as 90%, while California-based BIPV window coating producer Ubiquitous Energy has raised $70 million to scale up its own tech.

Lightsource bp to build 520 MW agrivoltaic project in Australia

The solar arm of oil major BP is proposing to build an agrivoltaic project in the Upper Hunter region big enough to provide 4% of New South Wales’ (NSW) electricity demand. The project will include 296 MW of storage capacity.


Australian graphene discovery could unlock cheaper, more efficient li-ion batteries

Researchers at the University of Wollongong in Australia have discovered a new form of graphene that will improve anode and cathode materials in lithium-ion batteries, making them cheaper and more efficient. They are collaborating with Sicona, which has agreed to buy the researchers’ intellectual property.

Australia prepares for first solar ‘upcycling’ facility while recycling operations expand

As Australia stares down a deluge of worn out solar panels, recycling – and indeed upcycling – programs are grinding into gear. In Victoria, a site has been found for Australia’s first facility to recover and reuse solar module materials, while Reclaim PV has extended its manufacturer partner and pickup location lists.

Australian flow battery company completes ‘milestone’ installation

Brisbane-based flow battery company Redflow has completed its single biggest installation to date, a 2 MWh storage system in California for biowaste technology firm Anaergia.


New tank design, autonomous robot for concentrated solar power plants

Two different technological developments were announced this week for concentrated solar power technology. In Australia, a consortium led by Vast Solar filed a patent for a new tank design for thermal energy storage systems. And in the United States, Heliogen announced the rollout of robots to install and clean projects.


Australia switches on new storage battery

Neoen has started operating a 300 MW/450 MWh big battery in Geelong, Australia. In spite of a fire during commissioning in July, the battery has been delivered in record time, taking less than a year to build and begin operations.


Work begins on 250 MW/250 MWh grid-forming battery in Australia

Under construction by Australian utility AGL, the 250 MW/250 MWh battery is the largest planned grid-forming battery in the world.


Australia removes much-criticized DC isolator mandate

Following years of lobbying, the Standards Australia Committee has removed the requirement for rooftop solar installations to include a DC isolator.


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