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Aussie startup invents breakthrough non-toxic battery electrolyte that’s cheaper ‘by factor of 100’

Professor Thomas Nann told pv magazine Australia that a breakthrough idea was almost too simple: “Actually when we submitted the patent in the first place, the patent officers came back to us and said ‘well, that’s too trivial’ and we made exactly that argument – why did no one else do that then?” said Nann.


Queensland energy survey reveals shifts in battery and EV embrace coupled with continued love of solar

Known as Australia’s “Sunshine State,” Queensland households have, in just two years, doubled their residential energy storage, according to a new survey. The figures reveal 37% of Queensland households now have panels installed, with a further 22% looking to install or upgrade their systems.

Australia’s first lithium-ion battery manufacturing facility attracts additional funding

Australia’s first lithium-ion battery manufacturer, Energy Renaissance, has received a grant to develop its pilot manufacturing facility in the Hunter region.


Maoneng reveals plans for 240 MWp/480 MWh big battery in Australia

Maoneng has revealed the details of its proposed 240 MWp/480 MWh big battery for the Mornington Peninsula in the Australian state of Victoria.

Australian utility deploys AI-powered drone tech to monitor PV assets

SA Water, one of the largest water utilities in Australia, has partnered with aerial solar inspection specialist Above to monitor the performance of its 360,000-plus solar panels.

‘Historic’ 50 GW renewable hydrogen hub proposed for Australia

InterContinental Energy and CWP Global have proposed the use of 50 GW of solar and wind to annually produce either 3.5 million tons of green hydrogen or 20 million tons of green ammonia. The proposal follows the Australian federal environment minister’s recent rejection of environmental approvals for the 26 GW Asia Renewable Energy Hub.

Australian government backs new hydrogen research program

The Australian government has awarded AUD 5 million ($3.7 million) to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) to support hydrogen research.

Solar water pumps – cheaper, easier but routinely underestimated

Australia’s Commodore Independent Energy Systems has evaluated how much customers save by using solar water pumps compared to diesel or mains-connected pumps.


Nanoparticles enable completely clear, industry-sized solar windows

Australian company ClearVue Technologies says it has a fully transparent, scalable, industry-ready solar window in production. It claims that it’s now just 18 months away from cracking 5% efficiency, thanks to a research partnership.


Macquarie invests €90 million in CSP plants in Spain

Macquarie Asset Management announced a €90 million debt investment on Monday in a portfolio of concentrated solar power plants in southern Spain.