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Law and taxes in for e-mobility charging infrastructure in Germany

Electromobility: The legal and fiscal issues involved in setting up charging infrastructure can be stumbling blocks for ambitious projects. Among other things, one has to consider charging pole regulation, and energy industry and renewable energy laws, says attorney Dirk Voges from Germany-based law firm Weitnauer, and his colleague Stefan Zagel, tax consultant in Ebner Stolz.


Is Russia’s tax policy hindering the solarization of its multinational Stablecoin Initiative?

Russia is taking the lead in issuing a multinational stablecoin backed by commodities – a cyber-initiative connecting some of the most promising hub of hydrocarbon rich economies stretching across Eurasia, Africa and South America.  However if such technology is fueled by hydrocarbon energy, temperatures are expected to rise 3.2 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels by the end of the century. A decisive role could be played by the BRICS in finding innovative solutions to the functioning of the current global framework, particularly in transitioning to green economies.

Is China’s Tax Policy Hindering the Solarization of its Digital Economy?

For the last three decades, China has been on an economic and technological growth path unequaled in size and duration. The country’s government is playing an active role in shaping the global digital economy, serving as one of its biggest backers and building a world-class infrastructure to support digitalization, by acting as an investor, solar power-developer – both terrestrial and in space – and consumer.


US: EnergySage finds $236.5 million tax on solar due to Section 201, USITC

Two major policy decisions in the United States have caused a temporary tax and stagnation in the residential solar industry, finds EnergySage’s Solar Marketplace Intel Report.

Australia: AEMC shies away from “solar tax”

Although proposed in the report’s draft, the Australian Energy Market Commission’s final report on the Distribution Market Model does not mention imposition of charges for export of energy from distributed generators.

Belgium: Wallonia’s regulator imposes grid-fee for solar starting from 2019

The Belgian French-speaking region of Wallonia could introduce a grid-fee for residential PV starting from 2019. PV systems operators fear an annual fee ranging from €330 to €560.


UK Solar rate hike could add GBP 1.8 million to schools tax bill

New research suggests that schools in England and Wales that have installed solar panels will collectively face an additional GBP 1.8 million in taxes, as the Government pushes forward plans to remove tax exemptions on small commercial installations.

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