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vanadium-flow batteries

Vanadium redox flow battery for utility-scale applications, microgrids

A unit of Largo Resources is launching a new vanadium redox flow battery for utility-scale storage projects, microgrids, renewable energy integration, grid smoothing, and backup power. The battery will feature a modular architecture, based on 1 MW “building blocks” and 2 MWh blocks of storage capacity.


Vanadium redox flow battery for storage of wind and solar power

Researchers in India have developed a 5 kW/25 kWh vanadium redox flow battery with an energy density of 30 watt-hours to 40 watt-hours per liter.


A residential vanadium flow battery

Flow battery manufacturers typically pursue utility scale storage projects but German start-up VoltStorage is targeting the household market.


National Grid pre-qualifies first vanadium-flow battery for frequency response in UK

Batteries of the type have traditionally been used for long-duration storage applications. Now though, it seems vanadium is making an entry into the fast-paced world of ancillary grid services.


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