Are half-cut cell modules the future?

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Discussion participants

Klaus Hofmeister, Product Manager, Trina Solar
Max Mittag, Head of Team Module Efficiency, PV Module Technology Department, Fraunhofer ISE


Becky Beetz, Head of Content, pv magazine
Michael Fuhs, Head of Editorial, pv magazine

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Presentation of Max Mittag
Presentation of Klaus Hofmeister

Webinar Details

Many manufacturers are converting large parts of their production capacities to half-cut cell technology. Is this a niche or will the traditional full cell module eventually disappear? In our upcoming webinar, we ask experts what the advantages of half-cut cell modules are and what installers need to be aware of during installation.

Researchers at Fraunhofer ISE have built and tested identical modules, one utilizing full cells and the other, half-cut cells, in an interesting experiment. They have additionally simulated both modules in a computer model. Max Mittag, head of team module efficiency at Fraunhofer’s PV Module Technology Department, will present the results. It turns out that there are a number of clear reasons why an increasing number of manufacturers are expanding their half-cut cell capacity.

Following on, Klaus Hofmeister, product manager at Trina Solar, will explain the reasons why the Chinese manufacturer has made the switch to half-cut technology.


  • From the full cell to the half-cut cell module: Why do performance and efficiency increase?
  • Differences between the two module types in the case of shading
  • Quality and reliability of half-cut cell modules
  • Price-performance ratio for half-cut cell modules and what to look for
  • Considerations for installation and interaction with other components
  • Applications where half-cut cell modules have the biggest Advantages
  • Prospects for even greater efficiency: Half-cut cells with PERC technology; bifacial modules; and n-type wafers

Questions can be submitted beforehand or during the webinar through a chat window. We look forward to your participation!