Emergency power supply – what are we really talking about? Is it a ‘full home backup’, or something else?

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Discussion participants

Aleksandra-Sasa Bukvic-Schäfer, Senior Expert Battery Technology, SMA
Michael Ebel, Senior Technical Consultant, SMA


Jonathan Gifford, Rounding Editor, pv magazine Australia

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Presentation of Aleksandra-Sasa Bukvic-Schäfer and Michael Ebel

Webinar Details

What is emergency power, what is ‘full home backup’, and what is the difference between the two? Additionally, what do different homeowners need and how do you install an emergency power or ‘full home backup’ system?

These questions will be answered during the next pv magazine Australia webinar – hosted in partnership with SMA.

The webinar will dive into what different customer groups require and provide insights on backup and emergency power systems currently available on the market. Impacting on the technical solution provided to the customer will be specific requirements in terms of  critical loads that are to be supplied during grid outages. Identifying critical loads as well as their startup behaviour will be explained in detail. Furthermore, the distinction between single-phase and three-phase backup systems will be discussed.

If the entire household, including loads like air conditioning, light, and all power sockets is to be supplied with electricity during a power outage, a simple emergency power solution will not meet customer expectations. For this type of power supply, the backup system must switch into a true grid-independent mode and also allow recharging of the storage system from PV. For these kind of systems, SMA has coined the term ‘full home backup’.

Aleksandra-Sasa Bukvic-Schäfer, Senior Expert Battery Technology, and Michael Ebel, Senior Technical Consultant, both with SMA Solar Technology, will not only elaborate on the overarching nexus, but will go into detail on what is possible in the residential market using SMA’s automatic backup unit in combination with Sunny Boy Storage inverters. Key points for this discussion are automatic switching into island mode, battery inverters with overload capabilities, optional load shedding mechanisms, supplying power to all three-phases and usage of the PV system during power outages.


  • Difference between emergency power and full home backup according to SMA’s definition
  • What do Australian households need?
  • Which requirements are coming from the residential market?
  • Topologies of emergency and full home backup systems
  • Market overview
  • SMA’s Automatic Backup Unit

Questions can be submitted beforehand or during the webinar through a chat window. Jonathan Gifford, the Rounding Editor of pv magazine Australia will host the webinar. We look forward to your participation!