New monitoring options promise greater control at lower costs

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Discussion participants

Götz Fischbeck, Analyst
Ingmar Kruse, CEO of SunSniffer
John Davies, Operations Director – Solar & Energy Storage, Cobalt Energy Limited


Ian Clover, Senior Editor of pv magazine
Michael Fuhs, Editorial director pv magazine

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Presentation of troubleshooting cases and possible solutions
Presentation of Ingmar Kruse

Webinar Details

Are conventional monitoring methods for solar plants actually substandard?  Or do solutions providers simply make such claims as a marketing tactic?  In pv magazine’s upcoming webinar, you will have the chance to form your own opinion.

Optimizing troubleshooting and related issues will be up for discussion in this pv magazine webinar. pv magazine editors will report on the troubleshooting series in the magazine, see articles linked below. Analyst Götz Fischbeck, has investigated the pros and cons of the main options that are currently available, particularly SunSniffer’s module-level monitoring system. Ingmar Kruse, CEO of SunSniffer and a sponsor of this webinar, maintains that for an additional investment of just $0.02/Wp, investors can reduce their O&M costs by 20%. This could radically change current O&M practices, as site engineers would no longer have to waste their time looking for degraded modules, connectors, or other defects. Instead, they could use a mobile app to precisely identify modules that are contributing to yield losses that exceed certain thresholds of acceptability. John Davies, Operations Director – Solar & Energy Storage of UK based Cobalt Energy Limited, is responsable for the operation of PV plants and will join the discussion on the troubleshooting efficiency.

Further information

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