Algeria plans over 3 GW of solar

06. November 2012 | Applications & Installations, Global PV markets, Markets & Trends | By:  Oliver Ristau

Algerian state-owned company Sonelgaz intends to deploy more than four GW of renewable energy in Algeria within the next decade, most of which will comprise solar power.

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Algeria plans to install 1.22 GW of photovoltaics by 2022.

Sonelgaz Spa has disclosed its plans to expand the generation of electricity over the next 10 years, in order to meet rising energy demands in Algeria. Besides expanding the capacities for power stations working with natural gas, the largest energy company of northern Africa announced its pathway for more renewable energy.

Until 2022, Sonelgaz intends to add 4.2 GW of renewable energy to the existing capacities. Of this, photovoltaics is expected to comprise 1.22 GW, CSP, 2.5 GW, and wind, 516 MW. The majority of the new projects are scheduled to come into operation from 2016 onwards.

To financially support the new green power projects, the national Ministry of Energy and Mines has implemented a renewable energy fund (FNER). Until 2030, Algeria’s renewable capacities are expected to extend to 22 GW, including ten GW for exports, the company said. To achieve this, Sonelgaz announced a joint-venture with the industrial arm of the Desertec initiative, Dii, last year.

Sonelgaz expressed the national intention to accompany the expansion of renewable generation by establishing an Algerian renewable energy industry. The largest part of the new green installations shall be produced in the country itself, it announced. In doing so, Algeria expects the renewable energy branch to initiate an upswing for the national economy.

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Try Try |

Saturday, 19.03.2016 04:31

Grand article Voir plus sur l'énergie solaire.

boi pou

Friday, 20.12.2013 10:39

Thank you for the article. For additionnal information may Y suggest you the Renewable Energy Development Center in algeria :

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