Brazil receives requests for 793 MW of PV


This represents one of the largest groups of requests for registration of photovoltaic projects in Brazil in such a short timeframe. Individual notices about the received requests were published by ANEEL’s superintendent of generation concessions and permits, Helvio Neves Guerra, in Brazil’s state gazette Diário Oficial da União on October 31.

Developer Vila Energia Renovável submitted requests for registration of ten photovoltaic projects totalling 194 MW, all of which are to be developed as independent power producers (IPPs) in Bahia state. Nine of these plants will be based in the western Bahia municipality of Bom Jesus da Lapa.

Braxenergy Desenvolvimento de Projetos de Energia also submitted requests to develop five photovoltaic plants in Bahia’s Itaguaçu da Bahia municipality. The plants – Itaguaçu da Bahia (I, IV, VI, VII and VIII) – will have a combined capacity of 150 MW. The company further applied to develop a 13 MW Araçatuba solar park in São Paulo state.

Meanwhile, Solares Empreendimentos Energéticos submitted a request for registration of three photovoltaic projects totaling 90 MW in Minas Gerais state, and Caraça Solar Energia SPE applied for two 30 MW solar plants in Paraíba state.

The north-eastern state of Bahia was also the site of choice for developer Bioenergy Geradora de Energia, which plans to install 152 MW of new solar capacity in the form of eight new photovoltaic parks in Bom Jesus da Lapa.

Bioenergy president Sérgio Marques recently said that prospects for developing solar energy in Brazil were "very good", although he admitted that the country was running late in the development of photovoltaic energy. Bioenergy was the first power generator in Brazil to sell solar power in an auction held for buyers in the free contracting environment (ACL) market in August.

The remaining applications were submitted by: Angico Solar Energia SPE for 30 MW Malta in Paraíba state; Solyes Geradora de Energia for a pair of solar plants totalling 44 MW in Bahia; Murion Solar Energia SPE for 30 MW Murion I in Bahia; and Brejuí Solar Energia SPE for 30 MW Brejuí I in Rio Grande do Norte.