EGP commissions 19 PV plants in Greece

30. January 2013 | Applications & Installations, Industry & Suppliers | By:  Becky Beetz

Enel Green Power (EGP) has commissioned photovoltaic plants in Greece worth 42 MW. An additional 15 MW has been put into service by EGP and Sharp’s joint venture, ESSE.

Greece Conergy solar photovoltaic plant

Greece has a total installed photovoltaic capacity of 1.12 GW.

Overall, EGP says it has a cumulative installed capacity of almost 290 MW in Greece. Four of the recently commissioned plants are located in Macedonia: Florina Yatsovo (1.5 MW), Helios (6 MW), Axiochori (6.25 MW), and Vavdos (1.37 MW).

A further four plants were placed into service in Thrace (Advira-Pezoula: 2.8 MW,  Karidia: 3.3 MW, Pezouliotika: 3.5 MW, and Herodasos: 4 MW). Two are located in southern Greece (Farsala III: 0.92 MW and Ekta: 2 MW), two in Thessaly (Gephyria I and Gephyria II: 3.54 MW) and one in Elide (Stroussi: 6.43 MW).

EGP and Sharp commissioned another six plants worth 15 MW in Eprius (Zitza: 2 MW), Thrace (Iasmos, Polysitos I and II, Sounio: 9.8 MW), and western Macedonia (Kryoneri: 3.5 MW). The coming online of these plants brings ESSE’s cumulative capacity to 38 MW.

As of December, Greece reported a total installed photovoltaic capacity of 1.12 GW.

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