Lithuania to open first solar panel production site

02. February 2011 | Industry & Suppliers, Applications & Installations, Products | By:  Becky Stuart

Lithuania is to see its first solar panel production site opened this spring. Initial capacity will be 38 megawatts (MW), however, there will room to ramp up to 65 MW.

Meyer Burger knowledge pic with 2 men talking

The facility was sold together with know-how transfer and a training package. Image: Meyer Burger.

The news comes as Switzerland-based Meyer Burger subsidiary, 3S Modultec, announces it will be supplying MG AB Precizika with an integrated manufacturing facility. The financial terms were not disclosed, but it has been said that crystalline solar panels, primarily for the Eastern and Southeastern European market, will be produced.

"We are the first company to manufacture solar panels in Lithuania. With the high-class production equipment from Switzerland, we can manufacture top-quality panels and are very confident that we can open up a good local and regional market," commented Tomas Kovera, CEO of MG AB Precizika.

The 38 MW production line is scheduled to be delivered this spring. The facility can reportedly be upgraded up to 65 MW, and was sold together with know-how transfer and a training package.

According to 3S Modultec, the Lithuanian company will also benefit from the Fast-Track Certification service that it, together with the TÜV Rheinland, implements for its customers. In a statement, it explains: "With the rapid certification process and a service package tailored specifically to the company, MG AB Precizika will be able to quickly set up production and start supplying panels to customers as early as the beginning of summer."

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