Yingli, Datong launch joint venture in China

02. January 2014 | Markets & Trends, Industry & Suppliers, Global PV markets | By:  Edgar Meza

The new joint venture between Yingli Green Energy and the Datong Coal Mine Group will develop and construct solar power plants in the city of Shuozhou.

Yingli Solar PV production

Yingli also partnered with Datong on a 20 MW utility-scale project located in Shanxi Province's Tashan Circular Economic Park.

Yingli Green Energy announces joint venture with Datong Coal Mine Group
Chinese PV giant Yingli Green Energy has established a joint venture with Datong Coal Mine Group, China’s third-largest coal-mining company.

Set up between Yingli subsidiary Yingli China and Datong unit Shuozhou Coal Power, the joint venture will develop and construct solar power plants in the city of Shuozhou in China’s Shanxi Province.

The companies said the joint venture was a sign of Yingli China and Datong Coal Mine Group's strong partnership. Yingli and Datong previously cooperated on a 20 MW utility-scale project located in Shanxi Province's Tashan Circular Economic Park, in which Yingli China served as module supplier and oversaw engineering, procurement and construction (EPC).

Liansheng Miao, Yingli Green Energy's chairman and CEO, said the partnership "provides Yingli Solar with a strategic avenue to expand our domestic downstream business. By leveraging advantages of both companies, we will be able to accelerate the project development and bring significant benefits to all parties involved."

Chengsheng Li, chairman of the new joint venture as well as Shuozhou Coal Power, added, "We are very pleased to deepen our strategic partnership with Yingli Green Energy, a worldwide PV industry leader. Our joint venture echoes the national target for the building of a beautiful China and will help to meet our national targets for clean electricity generation. Additionally, the joint venture is in line with the strategy of Datong Coal Mine Group's sustainable development."

In addition to its domestic projects, including the supply of 15 MW of PV modules for the recently completed large-scale PV-hydro hybrid installation in Qinghai Province, Yingli continues to expand operations abroad. Partnering with two other Chinese renewable energy firms, the company last month won 233 MW of PV projects in Algeria.

In November, Yingli announced that it had reached a 20% market share of Jordan's blossoming solar industry, shipping more than 1 MW of PV modules to the country.

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