US: Largest concentrated solar array project complete


After two months of construction, the one-megawatt solar power plant is now providing solar energy to Victor Valley College in Victorville, California. Situated in six acres of land, the plant will consist of 122 concentrated solar arrays. It is now hooked up to the electrical grid by Southern California Edison and will provide 2.6 million KW’s annually; roughly 30 percent of the college’s electricity demand.

??A spin-off from this is the opening of a training center within the college to help its students train up for the “rapidly emerging” solar industry. Supported by SolFocus, it will be developing curriculum within its existing academic programs to include the installation, operations, and maintenance of solar PV arrays.

??In an interview, Victor Valley College’s public information officer Bill Greulich said that it was already planning to undertake two further projects. “We are planning two new college centers,” he explained. “The first is a Public Safety Training Center and we will use solar to provide a portion of the energy use. The second center will be a Work Force Training Center and the plan is to include solar at this location as well. The college owns an additional piece of land of approximately 160 acres and it’s not improbable that we may use this land for solar or wind generation.”