Milenio Solar sets its sights on El Salvador solar market


Together with a local partner, the company will analyze the technical, legal and financial framework needed for a public-private investment structure for a parabolic through power plant in El Salvador.

Marcello Formica, managing director of Milenio Solar Desarrollo de Proyectos stated: "This feasibility study is also a good starting point for an early entry into the Latin-American market in which we would like to take the role as first mover in the future like we did in the Spanish market."

The scope of the feasibility study will cover the proposal for a solar thermal power plant configuration and a recommendation of a power off-take concept as well as the layout of an Investment public-private structure. In addition to the consulting study, the Solar Millennium Group will provide and maintain Meteo-stations for the acquisition of meteorological data at three potential sites in El Salvador.

CEL and INE will contribute with this feasibility study as a first example to the Master Plan for the development of renewable energies of El Salvador’s Energy Council (Consejo Nacional de Energía, CNE). Since 2007, the government of El Salvador aims at diversifying its energy sources, mainly through renewable energy sources to reduce its dependency on oil and its Greenhouse gas emissions in the mid-term.

Christian Beltle, member of Solar Millennium AG´s executive board, said: "We are very pleased about this opportunity to use the extensive expertise and long-time experience we gained through the realisation of the Andasol solar thermal power plants in Spain now for the further development of renewable energies in El Salvador."