Call to grow US solar energy industry


Representatives of Dow Corning, joined by representatives of America’s top solar energy and construction companies, visited Washington D.C. between June 22 and 23 to call for new federal policies to encourage the growth of the domestic solar energy industry and promote the benefits of pending energy efficiency legislation.

“We are here to encourage our leaders on Capitol Hill to press forward with legislation to ensure our nation’s competitiveness, economic vitality and energy independence for years to come. Dow Corning and our customers in this sector believe the time is now to enact policies that increase consumer awareness and demand for renewables and energy efficiency products, while making sure that those products are manufactured here,” said Dow Corning chairman, president and CEO Stephanie A. Burns. “America needs smart, effective policies from Congress to help the private sector grow, thrive and create thousands of new jobs.”

The delegation met with key members of Congress and the Administration, including Rep. Henry Waxman, Sen. Jeff Bingaman, Sen. John Kerry, and Sen. John Ensign. During the meetings, they delivered Dow Corning’s Four Point Policy Plan that outlines the steps needed to encourage the adoption of solar energy technologies, and its Energy Efficiency Policy Perspectives for America, supporting the establishment of policies that scale-up energy efficient construction and retrofitting initiatives.

The plans call on Congress and the Obama Administration to:

  • Enact a broad federal legislative and regulatory package, designed to encourage the rapid growth of a viable renewable energy industry and encourage consumer adoption;
  • Increase investments in research and development to support innovation in solar and energy efficiency technologies;
  • Increase renewable energy and energy efficiency-related education, training and job creation; and
  • Establish the federal government as a leader in the utilization of clean energy and efficiency technologies.