Conergy to build 5 solar installations in Italy


Conergy will install the power plants – with a total power output of 3.6 megawatts (MW) – in the group’s five beach resorts. This, says the company, will allow the hotel to power up to three-quarters of its hotel rooms using solar electricity, thus helping to save up to 78 percent of electricity costs. Additionally, it will be able to benefit from guaranteed state funding.

The installations are for the resorts in Apulia, Sicily, Sardinia and Calabria. Currently, three of these power stations are under construction. The company, which hails from from Hamburg, is using 3,454 modules for the hotel’s solar installation, which will have an area of 11,000 square meters and an output of 800 kilowatts (KW). It is to be built on top of the carport at the resort in the Calabrian city of Cutro. Three inverters will feed the clean electricity into the power grid for holidaymakers – a total of almost 1,100 MWh per annum.

“This will meet more than 78 percent of the resort’s annual energy requirements,” says Conergy. The installation, continues the company, will also save more than five hundred tons of carbon dioxide emissions a year.

The hotel in Torre Canne di Fasano in Apulia will see another solar park built by Conergy for the Bluserena chain, which will use over 2,700 modules.

Following the two Apulian twin parks in San Marzano, the five solar installations for BluSerena are the next big project for Conergy Italy. “This project,” said Conergy Italy chief, Giuseppe Sofia, “means we are on course for further successes – and means we can enter the tourist industry, a completely new market for us. Our BluSerena parks show how solar installations can be integrated harmoniously into an overall design. Thus, we can combine aesthetics with climate protection, ensuring progress and sustainability within tourism.”