Solar Energy Initiatives to undertake USD$16 million PV project


The project will utilize approximately 17,000 solar panels totaling four megawatts of installed capacity and is projected to reduce hazardous carbon dioxide emissions by 6,000 tons, annually. Construction is scheduled to start this autumn, says the company, with a view to being completed next spring.

"I am extremely pleased with SNRY’s capacity to secure these profitable commercial agreements," stated Mr. David Fann, chief executive officer of Solar Energy Initiatives. "These contracts represent a fraction of the vast amount of pending commercial opportunities in our constantly growing operational pipeline.

"We are encouraged by the significant growth opportunity that they represent in Pennsylvania and throughout the U.S. where government leadership is focused on Green Energy. Solar Energy Initiatives will remain dedicated to following this proven business model in order to continue growing market presence, secure additional contracts, and increase earnings to the bottom-line."

The company will partner with a local Solar Dealer for the construction and utilize local labor throughout the project development effort.