Report: Global PV installations reach 7.3 gigawatts in 2009; PV market volume more than USD$37 billion


“Our data show that installations grew by 15 percent compared to 2008, while revenue for the same period remained constant,” said the EPIC. “Europe remains the leader for deployment, accounting for more than 70 percent of the PV installations worldwide.”

More than one-half of all the installations globally took place in Germany, continued the report, where individuals have rushed to complete installations before feed-in tariffs are lowered.

In terms of production, continued the report, 40 percent more wattage of PV cells was manufactured than generating capacity installed (9.3 GW compared to 7.3 GW). PV production volume is now dominated by manufacture in China, it stated, where about 32 percent of PV cells were made last year.Together, China and Taiwan now account for about 45 perecnt of world supply.

Production in Europe is about 50 percent higher than that in Japan. “In the space of three years, the geography for solar cell production has been totally transformed,” said EPIC. ??

Performance of bellwether companies is an important indicator of the commercial development of solid-state lighting. In its analysis, EPIC shows that the production of PV modules will reach record levels this year and again in 2011, with crystalline Si and thin-film CdTe leading the way.