M+W Group sets up 14.5 MW PV power station in Italy


In a statement, the company said: “The future PV power plant will have an annual output of around 18,900 megawatt hours of electrical energy, and will therefore be able to provide some 6,000 households with environmentally friendly solar energy. Compared with electricity produced from coal, this will mean a saving of about 13,000 tones of carbon dioxide each year.”

Together with planning and construction, M+W Group’s scope of supply also includes support for official approvals that are already available. The property and project rights have been secured by the company for 20 years. Around 72,500 multicrystalline PV modules will be used across a 50-hectare area. Numerous grid-connected inverters will ensure that the direct current produced by the modules is converted into grid-connected alternating current, it concluded.

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