New world efficiency record set for thin film tandem junction silicon module, says Sunfilm


With its 5.7 square meters, Sunfilm says its Model F is the largest thin film tandem junction module on the market. In a statement, it explained: “A great benefit of Model F with integrated galvanized steel back bars is its substantial cost-saving potential for Balance-of-System costs. This can be achieved through reduced cabling, simplified undermount constructions and faster installation times. The module is perfectly suited for photovoltaic applications where space is not a direct limitation, such as larger commercial roofs and utility-scale projects.” In January, a first 162-kilowatt (kWp) project with Model F was completed on the roof of an Applied Materials building in Singapore.

Ulrich Wantia, CEO of Sunfilm AG commented: “With this world record efficiency of 9.6 percent , Sunfilm is well on track towards its goal of achieving an average module efficiency of 10 percent over the mid-term. The fact that we are able to demonstrate such efficiency now, is also a key element in our process of strategically realigning the company.”