Contactless temperature measurement


For manufacturing polycrystalline silicon, the pyrometer series Modline 5 and Marathon MR and FR is available for measuring temperature in CVD reactors. The two-colored pyrometers display the temperature even with unfavorable visibility, such as when the reactor viewing window is contaminated. Because of their high optical resolution, quick reply time, and variable focus, the pyrometers can measure even the smallest measuring spots on polycrystalline silicon bars, says Raytek.

The Modline 5, Modline 5R, Marathon MR, and Marathon MM are suitable for use in manufacturing of monocrystalline silicon wafers because of their short wavelengths. The high optical resolution makes possible contactless temperature measurements of the smallest measuring spots on the silicon’s liquid-solid boundary surface, which is especially important for monitoring the crystal-pulling process, according to the company.

During coating processes, the GS150 monitoring system can display temperature distribution using thermal pictures and temperature profiles. If the system recognizes a thermal deviation, it sets off an alarm so the process can be corrected as soon as possible.