Cost-effective alternative


The HyperSonic system is designed to coat large area solar glass (up to 122 centimeters) with uniform, thin film anti-reflective coatings.

The company’s ultrasonic coating technology applies an optimum anti-reflective layer, maximizing light available for conversion and increasing transmission over the sun’s incident angles. Additionally, its ultrasonic nozzles are able to overcome limitations with minimal bounce back and overspray, non-clogging performance, and uniform thin-film coatings.

The benefits of ultrasonic coating include: the ability to control thickness of deposition; drop size control (by varying nozzle frequency); and tight drop distribution, resulting in precise, uniform deposition.

Ultrasonic nozzles are ideal for spraying nano-suspensions commonly used in anti-reflection coatings, as the continuous ultrasonic vibration of the nozzle deagglomerates particles and keeps them evenly suspended in the solution.