New range of inverters from WhisperPower


The Genverter is the first hybrid green power source offered by the firm for domestic and mobile markets. The permanent magnet flywheel alternator yields a 94 percent efficiency. The system has low emissions and is quiet. The noise levels of the Genverter series fall into the 67 decibels range. The liquid cooled diesel generator includes a battery charger inside for a quick re-charge.

There is an optional Power Tower lithium battery stack that is also available. The power quality is of 230 volts and 50-hertz sine wave enables a silent mode. The Genverter inverters that are marked with an “I” are prepared for connection to an external battery bank. All batteries are suitable and users who are interested in a turnkey one-system solution are offered a high value battery pack, functioning as the mounting chassis for the whole system at the same time. Variable speed is enabled by a smart power control.

The connectivity is a bus/masterbus connectivity. The space required is three times lesser than standard and the weight is three times lighter as well. The Genverter 5i and 5dc weigh 80 kilograms and the Genverter 5 weighs in at 70 kilograms. The battery cycle lasts thrice as long compared with lead acid deep cycle batteries.

There is at least 30 percent fuel reduction according to the company. Remote access is also available for service and support. The company also offers various spare part kits. For all models, the digital control panel is supplied as a standard and an advanced touch screen 8.4 inch system panel is optional.