Trony to develop solar battery technology


According to the company, it will co-develop amorphous silicon photovoltaics (PV) modules and/or amorphous-microcrystalline tandem solar batteries for PV power generation under the Guangdong-Hong Kong Technology Co-operation Funding Scheme, alongside Hong Kong Polytechnic University. It said that both parties will jointly own the research results.

Furthermore, Trony said it and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology will jointly carry out research and development of solar energy under the framework of the "Shenzhen/Hong Kong Innovation Circle". The two parties will respectively apply to Shenzhen Bureau of Science, Technology & Information, and Hong Kong’s Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) for funding, said the company. In addition, Trony has said it will provide further subsidies for the project. Both the company and HKUST will reportedly own the research results in their respective jurisdictions.?

Mr. Li Yi, chairman and CEO of Trony, commented: “We hope to raise the efficiency of power generation of thin film solar modules and develop a new generation of high efficiency solar batteries. We aim at applying the new technology to off-grid solar power modules and building glass to save energy and protect the environment."??

Trony has said it will deploy research personnel and allocate funding to the research projects with the two universities, and have regular exchanges and dialogue with them with an aim of commercializing the research results.

The purpose of settling in Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks, explained the company, is to expand the scope of solar power applications through cooperation with other enterprises, which are involved in related industries or outsourcing.

It added that being a tenant in the park will also allow it to utilize the laboratory there to develop "more advanced technologies and solar power products". This will help to promote the development of the solar power industry and market in Hong Kong, it said.??