Solarwatt starts new manufacturing line; doubles capacity?


Dr. Frank Schneider, chairman of the board for Solarwatt, and Saxony Prime Minister, Stanislaw Tillich, opened the line. Tilloch stated that the company was a “pioneer” in photovoltaics in Saxony .

According to Solarwatt, a new module is churned out by its production line every 28 seconds. Spread across an area of 3,800 square meters, there are 29 industrial robotic machines, which take over the handling of the modules. The line works in a three-shift operation, which, stated the company, enables faster production. ?

Solarwatt’s new logistics centre is located across two floors. It is equipped with 2,600 parking bays, where ready-to-dispatch solar modules can be stored. Five docking stations, one side loading ramp and three elevators are additionally included.

Furthermore, the logistics center’s roof and facade features two solar installations. In total, 1,350 modules provide 260 kWp of solar energy to the grid. A part of the installations are also used as test beds for the company.