Centrosolar increases manufacturing capacity to almost 200 MWp; may expand further


"With an output of up to 4,000 photovoltaic modules per day, our Sonnenstromfabrik is one of the largest module plants in Europe," commented Dr. Alexander Kirsch, CEO of Centrosolar Group.

In order to boost production, the company said that it has modernized and automated the oldest of a total of four production lines. It added that within the space of a few years, Centrosolar Sonnenstromfabrik’s workforce has grown from an initial 15 employees in 2001 to 450 today.

According to Centrosolar, almost 50 percent of Sonnenstromfabrik’s production output is destined for installation on roofs in other European countries. "This is an important development in maintaining our ability to supply our many customers throughout Europe and, increasingly, in the USA too," said Kirsch.

However, the company said that the 13,000 m2 building has now reached its physical limits. "We may soon have to think about erecting a second production building. Land and labor are available. And we clearly have ample sales opportunities. With appropriate support from our financial partners and the state, further growth is possible," assured Ralf Hennigs, Sonnenstromfabrik’s managing director.