Germany: 2.2. MW Stadum solar park officially opened


SunEnergy Europe assumed the role of general contractor for the project, while Solar-Energie-Andresen undertook the construction work.

First plans for the solar power plant date back to last spring, though the plant capacity was said to have been initially planned to be 1.2-megawatts peak.

However, the company said that by using a larger ground area and installing the module arrays more closely together than originally planned, it was possible to almost double the rated output. The installation was equipped with 10,600 polycrystalline modules from Hyundai; the two central inverter stations were supplied by regional manufacturer Fecon.

It is expected that the Stadum Solar Park will cover the electricity demand of 600 homes.

The opening ceremony took place on September 11, and was attended by over 250 guests, the four regional project investors, the mayor of Stadum and the financing bank.