APS and Solon to install 18 MW PV project in Arizona, US


The plant will be owned by APS and sited in Gila Bend’s new Solar Overlay Zone. It is said that permitting in this area will take less than three months, instead of the typical one to two years. By locating the new project within the boundaries of the Solar Zone, APS said that construction can begin early next year, with a completion date by next November.

APS went on to explain that the plant will be spread across 145 acres, which is currently used for agriculture. It added that the 75,000 solar panels needed to transform sunlight into electricity will be arranged in 1,566 rows, connected to 108 single-axis trackers.

This design enables the solar panels to follow the sun across the sky, said the company, thus making the plant more efficient than static-mounted panels typically seen on rooftops. On sunny days, the project is expected to produce enough energy to meet the needs of 4,500 residential customers.