CIGS cells to “dominate” future BIPV market


The statement comes as the company announces field tests on flat roofs with its “highly flexible” CIGS modules have been successfully concluded. Additionally, it says it is the first European supplier to achieve IEC 61646 and 61730 certification.

Bonding advantages

The company explains that it developed its own solution for the flexible lamination of CIGS solar cells over a period of four years: the solution has now been patented.

The finished modules feature a number of “significant advantages”, says PVflex, especially for bonding on flat and curved roofs, and in commercial and industrial rooftop applications in particular.

According to the company, they are up to three times faster to install, easily mounted using adhesives and do not damage roofing materials. It adds that the flexible solutions also offer new possibilities for integrating PV installations into roofing membrane and on roofs that have already reached their full load-bearing capacity.

Furthermore, it says that special barrier technology has been developed, which protects the CIGS solar cells against water and water vapor over the long term. “Instead of expensive, delicate high-barrier films,” says the company, “PVflex is able to use competitively priced films that are already established in the market. This means the flexible PVflex modules are already fully competitive with conventional, rigid photovoltaic modules behind glass in terms of cost and efficiency. No financially competitive alternative solutions can currently be identified over the medium term.”

PVflex worked together with manufacturers of roofing materials, in order to develop the modules. The result, it says, is an “extremely practical” product, which can be installed on industrial and commercial rooftops using adhesive alone.

Erik Theilig, CEO of PVflex Solar GmbH comments: “A long-lasting flexible module based on established processes using materials readily available in the market is a technological breakthrough. We have been developing and refining our technology since 2006, with a clear focus on meeting the requirements of our roofing industry partners.

"Now we are working on the market introduction in close cooperation with market-leading manufacturers of roofing materials. Our unique cost advantages and unrivaled ease of installation are likely to generate high awareness and acceptance for our product in the marketplace.”