5 MW PV park completed in Cape Verde


With an estimated production of 8,120 MW hours per year, the park occupies an area of 13 hectares and is, according to the company, the biggest PV plant in the African continent.

Installed on fixed structures, it a turnkey project, which was developed by Martifer Solar; the PV panels were produced in the company’s own plant in Oliveira de Frades, Portugal.

In October, the Government of Cape Verde inaugurated a 2.5 MWp installation in Sal Island, also built by Martifer Solar. It has the capacity to expand up to five MWp.

The company says the two parks will ensure the production of four percent of the total electricity produced in the archipelago, and will avoid the emission of 13 thousand tons of carbon dioxide a year.

“With the usual constraints in these geographies, the execution of these projects in such a short time was, for Martifer Solar, a great challenge that, with the help of all involved agents, we overcame! Now, we will continue working with the hope to find other projects that, like these, contribute decisively for the development and well being of its people”, says Henrique Rodrigues, CEO of Martifer Solar.