Solon inaugurates its first French PV power plants


Located in Ferrassières near Avignon, in the Rhône-Alpes region, Solon Investments, planned and built the two turnkey PV power plants with a total nominal output of three megawatts (MWs) on the former site of two nuclear launch pads. ?

The systems – located on 3.6 and five hectares of land – have been installed with a total of 14,500 polycrystalline solar modules which, says the company, can generate enough energy to supply 3,000 people with electricity each year.

??“These power plant projects are an excellent demonstration of how photovoltaics can create added value; former military sites are now hosting solar power plants that generate environmentally-friendly energy and reduce CO2 emissions,” commented Stefan Säuberlich, CEO of Solon SE. ??

Both projects have reportedly been developed for investors, International Energy Investments Group and Investricity Group, two Irish-based Solar Investment Aggregators.

According to the International Energy Investments Group, the plants represent the first stage of an overall acquisition plan by the group to invest approximately €140 million in European solar power plants over the next nine months.