Silfab signs over 100 MWs worth of preliminary contracts??


Having secured a 180 MW production facility in Mississauga in September, the company has said it will begin production of its mono- and multi-crystalline modules late next March, in order to reach a capacity of 60 MW by mid-year. It adds that it expects to increase this to full capacity in 2012.

The company says GreenToGreen Engeneering, Silfab SpA’s division specializing in solar module technology, has been directly involved, and has finished in the process and equipment engineering “in record time”. This has consequently allowed acquisition contracts for the machinery for production to be drafted. The first equipment is scheduled to be installed in February, in order to get the first phase of production going by next spring. ??

A staff of 18 technicians has also been selected to leave for Croatia in mid-January, in order to be trained at the subsidiary Solaris d.o.o. They will then act as trainers for the rest of the team, which is expected to reach 200 people when capacity has been ramped up to 180 MWs. At the moment, a team of just 20 engineers is working full time on the project.