Port of Los Angeles completes first solar project


This project is the first of four projects under the US$10.8 million multi-location solar power program that is slated to generate ten megawatts of power. The projects will be completed over the next five years. The Energy Alternatives Division of San Jose based Cupertino Electric was in charge of this PV installation.

The World Cruise Center facility is equipped with a roof-mounted system that contains 5,140 crystalline solar modules of 210 watts each, over approximately 6,642 sqaure meters of space. The racking system is self-ballasted meaning that it does not penetrate into the terminal’s roof. The existing electric meter at the facility will be used to channel the electricity produced to the LADWP.

The installation is said to aid in cutting the facility’s electricity by US$200,000 per year. The World Cruise Center is also expected to cut 22,800 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide approximately. An additional advantage that was announced was the fact that ships may soon be able to plug into these solar outlets that will enable them to store electricity instead of using diesel power generators on-board.