Germany: Wattner Group acquires 12 MW solar park


Extending across 33 hectares of industrial zone, the solar park will reportedly be one of the biggest in Germany, when built. A spokesperson for the company told pv magazine that construction is 80 to 90 percent complete and the park will be finished by the end of the year. Both BP Solar and IBC Solar supplied crystalline solar modules to the project.

The company says that with the investment in the Sietzsch park, the investment volume of its closed-end short-term Wattner SunAsset 2 fund has increased to nearly €80 million, with a total of 11 solar power plants.

Managing director Ulrich Uhlenhut additionally estimates that over the next year, Wattner will reach an investment volume worth around €250 million. There are also said to be plans for increased financing of projects abroad, due to the new solar funds.

"We are considering politically stable EU countries, but we are also currently conducting very detailed assessments of Canada and England in terms of the profitability of installations. Negotiations with project partners are right on track," he said.