Germany: IBC Solar connects solar park to grid


Located in Breitenguessbach, Bavaria, the park was completed in December – construction began in August – and encompasses an area of approximately 30 hectares. According to the company, it will provide around 4,450 households with energy and save around 7.5 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year.

IBC Solar was responsible for the technical planning, development and construction of the park, which consists of over 60,100 polycrystalline modules and 14 central inverters. The company said that it will be taking over the park’s maintenance, monitoring and operational management for 20 years.??

"Due to changes to the German Renewable Energy Law (EEG) in 2010, solar parks on agriculture land are no longer funded. However this only applies to facilities, which did not have valid development plans by March 25, 2010," said Olaf Baumer, Solar Funds director at IBC Solar.

Ralf Schuberth, Project Manager added: "In the case of the Gut Leimershof solar park, we were able to have a development plan drawn up by the March deadline. Because the solar park became operational before the end of year, the previous EEG regulations still apply to the facility and each feed-in kilowatt-hour of solar energy will be compensated with 28.43 cents."

??In 2010, the company connected a total PV capacity of 50 MWp worldwide to the grid. The projects are located in Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic and Spain, among other places.