Recurrent Energy steps up its Ontario game


While the financial terms of the multi-year supply contract have not been disclosed, full production is expected to be underway at Celestica’s Toronto manufacturing facility by this summer.

The crystalline silicon PV modules will reportedly be used in the construction of 19 solar power plants that Recurrent Energy was awarded contracts for within the Ontario Power Authority’s feed-in tariff program. According to the Californian company, the modules represent a significant portion of the domestic content requirements for these contracts.

"This agreement with Celestica is a strategic milestone for our solar power development plans in Canada and in helping Ontario to reach its renewable policy goals," said Sheldon Kimber, senior vice president, development, Recurrent Energy. "This unique deal also reflects our strategy of pushing procurement upstream into the solar equipment supply chain."

Overall, Recurrent Energy says it expects to invest "hundreds of million dollars" in the development of the solar power projects, including in solar modules, electrical equipment, steel and metal fabrication, and related services such as installation and project management. These investments are expected to generate approximately 2,500 jobs in Ontario directly related to the FIT projects.