Italy: No PV cap; FIT cuts delayed until April


According to the EuPD, "major challenges are in store" for the Italian PV industry. It adds that representatives from the country’s Ministry for the Environment and the Ministry for Economic Development, along with PV association Gruppo Imprese Fotovoltaiche Italiane (GIFI), have reported that further talks have been postponed until April.

While an eight gigawatt market cap is said to no longer be an option, FIT cutbacks will be applied in June.

In a speedletter issued, EuPD states: "It is claimed that these adjustments should prevent an over proportional burdening of private and commercial electricity customers. Objections to a comprehensive market cap were not only voiced by market experts and analysts, but also by legislators. Market intervention to such an extent serves only to constrict the market. An example of which can be seen in Spain."

It says that the cuts must be made "with a sense of proportion". If not, then it believes challenges will be created for both domestic and international companies.

"Making adjustments to funding is the right step," according to Markus A.W. Hoehner, CEO of the Bonn-based market research and consulting company EuPD Research. "Prices in the small roof-top system segment in Italy are, on average, €4,300, and peak at €6,000. These prices are much higher than those in other European countries such as Germany, Spain or France."