Latin America to see largest CPV system installed


Speaking to pv magazine, the company says that a 500 kilowatt CPV system will be installed in Durango, Mexico: in total, the plan is to install 10 megawatts. Mexican solar integrator DelSol Systems will construct the $28 million pesos project, (around USD$2.33 million; €1.65 million).

Construction of the plant is scheduled to begin in the second quarter of 2011, and should be completed by the end of the year.

Tim Keating, VP marketing and field operations for Skyline Solar said: "Skyline Solar will be contracting with construction companies to install and maintain the system."

Meanwhile, the company has launched its new X14 System. According to Keating, the array, with a length of 11.6 meters, covers five to six acres per megawatt. The peak power is said to be 3,625 watts per array and it can be installed as quickly as one megawatt per week, using a crew of 22 people.

He explained: "In the future, when higher efficiency solar cells are available and cost effective, Skyline X14 Systems can be easily upgraded in the field. This allows the system owners to ‘future-proof’ their investment by retaining the reflectors, tracker and framework and replacing only the small Skyline panels."