Silfab and ESPE establish new solar company


Espe Sunparc Srl was formed when the two parties decided to horizontally integrate their competencies. The announcement came after the signing of a joint venture agreement, which establishes their equal participation in the new company.

Espe Sunparc’s headquarters are located in Padova, Italy. The company will reportedly develop around 70 megawatts of solar plants this year, 30 percent of which will be built outside of Italy. Turnover is expected to reach over €100 million.?

Although Espe Sunparc will primarily focus on ground-mounted photovoltaic installations in Italy, the company has said it will develop a "wide range" of photovoltaic applications abroad.

Franco Traverso, president and CEO of Silfab Spa, will also hold the position of president and CEO in the new company. He will be assisted by Tiziano Meneghetti, president and CEO of Espe, who has taken on the role of vice-president.

Espe Sunparc is already said to have initiated supply negotiations with "major" international module manufacturers and other component providers, in preparation for "a tight program of initiatives in the months to come".

Silfab and Espe explain that in Italy, the company is investing about €20 million in solar farms, which will be located in Sardinia, Apulia and Molise. Espe has also reportedly acquired the necessary authorizations for the production of 15 megawatts of photovoltaics in Romania. Furthermore, other projects are already in their implementation stage in Ontario, Canada, while several others are expected to launch shortly in other countries.

At Espe Sunparc’s headquarters, a 3,500 square meter production facility is in operation. Meanwhile, in the U.S. and Canada, the new company will be operating through Espe Sunparc America (soon to be incorporated).

Forty people are currently directly employed through Espe Sunparc. The company also runs a training program for 20 technicians to serve international operations.

"?“Through the creation of Espe Sunparc, we consolidate a collaboration with Espe that has stood the test of time," declares Traverso. "This new venture allows us to integrate our experiences and converge in a single entity our know-how efficiently."

Meneghetti adds: "Espe Sunparc is born from almost 40 years of combined experience between Espe and Silfab. Our main concern is the serenity of our customers, and through our reliable and durable high-yield solutions, we can guarantee they’ll feel satisfied."