Ecuador adopts FITs


The program, introduced on April 14, 2011 by the South American country of 15 million people, includes multiple technologies, including photovoltaics, wind and geothermal. Biomass-biogas and hydro projects are further differentiated by size.

In terms of photovoltaics, the tariff in Ecuador has been set for 15 years, at a rate of €0.292/USD$0.4003 per kilowatt hour. Projects on the Galápagos Islands, on the other hand, will receive a rate of €0.322/USD$0.4403 for 15 years. Currently no distinctions have been made between project sizes.

Ecuador joins a growing list of developing countries that recently have adopted systems of feed-in tariffs, including Malaysia and Uganda. Botswana and the Philippines are also both expected to introduce programs this year.