Conergy boss struck by lightening


Germany has been hit by a number of heavy thunderstorms over the past few days. And, according to a report in today’s "Süddeutschen Zeitung", Biedenkopf – son of Saxony’s former Minister President, Kurt Biedenkopf – knows this better than anyone.

The newspaper report explains that he was not hit, as is usual, when out and about, but rather at his office desk, on Monday. The blame, it says, is the building in which Conergy has its headquarters: the windows take the form of arches, which are completely glazed and fitted with metal strips. It was one of the metal strips that caused the calamity.

The 47-year-old CFO reportedly suffered an electric shock, and was ordered to spend the night in hospital as a result. Luckily however, he was released on Tuesday morning and is said to be free of both internal and external injury.