PVN exploring over 10 MW Californian landfill installation


PVN’s parent company, Project Navigator, has almost 15 years experience in the reuse of closed landfills. PVN has more recently been exploring the potential of landfill sites for solar installations. This recent agreement is for an installation between the sizes of 10 –to 20 megawatts (MW) of installed capacity.

Project Navigator’s Ian Webster said, in a statement announcing the deal, "this project moves us one step closer to developing renewable solar solutions on brownfields and urban-located closed landfills that are otherwise deemed as unusable land."

PVN claims to have over 100 MW of solar installations in development through the country. In May they announced a deal to begin working on sites in New York, where Mayor Bloomberg hopes to install solar at 250 of the cities shuttered landfill sites. PVN already has projects underway in New Jersey and Delaware.