Parabel AG to install 6 MW in northern Germany


The project will involve the renovation of potentially harmful asbestos-containing roofs and its replacement with sheet metal roofing and solar panels.

Internationally, roof refurbishment programs – where roofs are renovated at the cost of the project developer, which then reaps the reward of the feed-in tariff system program – have proven a successful project development strategy.

In June, a similar project was initiated with developers AMP Solar Limited Partnership and the Toronto School District describing it as a "win-win" situation. It involved replacing or repairing a series of Toronto school buildings roofs which were in a poor state, in exchange for the space for solar installations. The project was called the "rays for roofs".

Since 2009, Parabel has been using a similar model and has installed 11 MW of rooftop capacity, at the same time providing the money and expertise required to repair roofs whose owners could not. This latest six MW project is intended for sale on completion.

These latest Parabel installations will take place on former agricultural production cooperative buildings and will involve the installation of approximately 26,000 polycrystalline modules.