Lapp Group presents retractable coiled charging cable


Lapp Group has on offer a cable for those with electric cars, the Lapp Helix. The Lapp Helix will be on display at the 26th EU PVSEC in Hamburg.

The product unites the right size, weight and cost, making it a competitive product in the cables market for electric cars. The spiralled design is far more compact than other normal cables. A four-metre Lapp Helix takes up 60 percent less space than a coiled charging cable of the same length, making it easier for manufacturers to fit into the luggage compartment, tailgate or doors of an electric vehicle.

When used in a fixed charging station, it can be fitted underneath a flap for protection. According to Lapp Group, the cable uses only about half as much material as a coiled alternative, making it 40 percent lighter and thus helping to increase the car’s range as well as the company states. This reduced material requirement also results in a 25 percent cost saving for the manufacturer.

What is the benefit for the end-user? The cable’s low weight makes it easier to handle, so the whole charging process is made more efficient for the driver. The company states that once the battery is charged, the Lapp Helix retracts back into its housing for safe storage.

Stand: B7/B24