teamtechnik Maschinen und Anlagen presents Stringer TT1200


The company states that a single track means higher throughput per soldering process, less complexity, fewer operators and a lower requirement for replacement parts.

The Stringer TT1200 uses IR light technology to solder cell strings. teamtechnik uses a unique design of hold-down device in its systems to separate the actual soldering process from the cell-handling process. This allows companies to ensure 1,200 cycles per hour, with a cycle time of three seconds.

According to the company, this hold-down device also ensures a safe process and good string geometry. At the same time, it guarantees extremely low breakage rates, from 0.1 to 0.3 percent depending on the type of cell. Energy consumption has been reduced by a third on the new stringer as well.

Teamtechnik is launching a standard 50 megawatt system in Hamburg at the EU PVSEC. It is an adaptable modular package consisting of two Stringer TT1200s and a lay-up. The integrated six-axle robot makes the system very flexible. It can be tailored to different applications and to a range of cell and glass sizes according to teamtechnik.

Stand: A1/C1