SiOnyx laser texturing boost efficiency by 0.3 percent


It added that it can also achieve average efficiencies in cells that are 20 percent thinner than present-day wafers, of 16.9 percent. This, claims SiOnyx, will deliver cost reductions of between ten and 15 percent.

A statement announcing the efficiencies reads that a "standard emitter, screen-printed metal and aluminum back surface field," process was used for the creation of the cells. The cells have been made by SiOnyx with German research institute ISC Konstanz.

SiOnyx also claims that cell efficiency standard deviation is reduced by a power of two through the application of the Black Silicon technology.

Stephen Saylor, president and CEO of SiOnyx said, in the statement, that the Black Silicon process is ready for market. "SiOnyx’s single-sided texture achieves significantly lower surface reflectance than industry-standard isotexture to improve cell performance. We boost infrared performance, thus making SiOnyx Black Silicon a great complement to existing selective emitter technologies."

SiOnyx Black Silicon is a drop-in solution for cell lines.