Isofoton to commercialize “Ferrolinera” EV charging system


The non-exclusive Ferrolinera commercialization agreement has been struck between Isofoton and Spain’s railway infrastructure company ADIF. The charging stations will use photovoltaic modules to harness the sun’s rays to charge the EVs, along with traction and brake energy from the trains.

The traction and break electricity system uses technology developed by ADIF and is the first of its kind in the world. At night, when the photovoltaic modules are not producing charge, EV’s can charge using ADIF’s electric rail network.

Isofoton will manufacture the photovoltaic components of the EV charging stations at its Malaga fab.

Spain has already proven to be an innovator in the field of electric mobility, with a network of high-speed electric trains being developed in the last decade. The expertise has been applied abroad also, with a Spanish/Saudi consortium being awarded the tender to build and operate a seven-billion-euro, high-speed rail project in Saudi Arabia.

ADIF and Isofoton have similar plans for the Ferrolinera EV charging systems with the companies saying that they intend to expand the system through partnerships in countries such as Japan and China.

Spain has some 13,000 kilometers of railway lines throughout the country, including 1,500 stations. The agreement between Isofoton and ADIF will run for three years.