Microsol to save Solon?


Spokesperson for Rüdiger Wienberg, Christoph Möller stated that if a takeover had been completed by contract, it would be published immediately. "From a certain size, acquisitions must be registered with the known antitrust authorities. The actual transfer can take place only if the antitrust authorities have approved it," he commented.

It is, however, quite common for investors in such processes to apply for approval before a contract is concluded, in order for them to take over the company in question as quickly as possible after the conclusion of the purchase contract. "This acceleration option is open to any potential investor (also those interested in Solon)," continued Möller.

Microsol was interested in acquiring Solon before the insolvency proceedings opened in early December, according to a report in the Financial Times Deutschland, published shortly after the Berlin company sought preliminary insolvency. The purchase failed however, due to resistance from the banks.