Germany: Q-Cells out of TecDax


The TecDAX stock index tracks the performance of the 30 largest German companies from the technology sector. Q-Cells saw its worth on the index fall heavily today. By mid-afternoon, the stock had fallen by six percent, a good 0.29 euro cents.

The market value shrank to around 50 million euros according to the report "Der Aktionär online" (The stockholder online). For approximately four years, Q-Cells was seen as a contender with potential to rise in the DAX and the stock was valued at around €60.

Today’s exit from the TedDAX index is another sign that Q-Cells is fighting for its very existence. Already this year it has met with principal creditors to reach an agreement on financial restructuring. At the beginning of March, the shareholders were informed of the plans of the company and the shareholders are expected to agree on the financial restructuring at another meeting in early June.