Chile’s largest PV power plant underway


The solar plant uses 5,000 polycrystalline modules and is over two hectares of previously-unused land. It powers an irrigation system for a nearby clementine and avocado plantation.

juwi is attempting to get a foothold in the emerging Chilean photovoltaic market and opened an office in the capital Santiago in 2010.

Extolling the country’s suitability to photovoltaics, juwi’s Diego Lobo-Guerrero Rodríguez said that northern Chile has some of the highest soalr radiation in the world: "Besides the intense solar radiation, Chile has also outstanding wind conditions. Furthermore, Chile is politically stable and very open to renewables."

juwi has already been involved in two photovoltaic research projects in the Atacama desert and has installed two six-kW installations elsewhere in the country.

The April edition of pv magazine features a special series of articles on photovoltaics in Latin America.