Germany: Positive changes might come


Under massive pressure from the state governments and representatives, the federal government is now planning on making significant changes to the EEG. Reuters reported that the decision, that small residential installations up to 10 kW in size will receive a FIT for just 85 percent of the energy produced, while all other installations will receive a tariff for only 90 percent of the energy generated, will probably be changed. The decision over the other installations that were to receive a tariff for only 90 percent of the energy generated will supposedly be removed.

Moreover, the big one-time cut in April can come, but a transitional rule should also be considered. This has been put forth by the state representatives. It is also suggested that photovoltaic plant development which have already gained an access consent from grid operators before March, 1, should still qualify for the older rates when they feed into the grid after the proposed deadline. The transition deadline for large solar parks are also expected to be extended. Ground-mounted systems on conversion lands can also possibly have time until September, 1, to be realised and still enjoy the current subsidies.

According to Reuters, the government also plans to present its monthly degression model. The ministries involved have not given the confirmation. More details will be published should we receive more information.